#WOWW Update

Pupils from Golden Grove Gelli Aur have been learning about the Victorians. Through their own investigation they discovered the story of Anne David, a 13 year-old girl who worked locally in a coal mine. She dragged wagons of coal in a 12″ underground space, never went to school and never had a holiday. In contrast, Edwina Price, a doctor’s wife, had servants and took picnics in Tenby where ‘the air was most exhilarating’.
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An Evening of Poetry with Alison Brackenbury #WOWW

Huge thanks to Alison Brackenbury who joined us for a wonderful evening of poetry in celebration of our Grandmothers. She read from her new book Aunt Margaret’s Pudding and talked on her Welsh roots. 
Thanks also to PLANED, Arwain Sir Benfro 2020 and the Heritage Lottery Fundfor their support.