Tip of My Tongue : New Stories from the Mabibogion


Enid wants a dog and wants to be a spy, but listening in on adult conversations doesn?t seem to bring her any nearer to understanding their troubled world. For all that,when times get tough and she has to stay with the Erbins, particularly her rich and spoilt cousin Geraint, she has plenty of verbal ammunition to help her fight her corner.

Trezza Azzopardi transforms the medieval heroine who won?t be silenced into a brave 1970s girl from downtown Splott in Cardiff who, no matter how difficult the circumstances, always seems to get the last word.

The original Enid defends her misguided husband by warning him of approaching villains, even though he has forbidden her to speak. Trezza Azzopardi?s young Enid is also unlikely to respect a gagging order.

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