Rock God Complex : The Mickey Hunter Story by Tracey Iceton


70s rock bands – Led Zep, Sabbath, Free, Skynyrd, Taste… 70s rock guitarists – Page, Blackmore, Trower, Santana, Gallagher… Mickey Hunter?Forgotten by Classic Rock fans, Crown & Kingdom are the lost gods of 70s music. Led by the mercurial Mickey Hunter, they powered across the rock scene, with phenomenal, platinum-selling albums and scorching live gigs. But with great heights come great falls and as the fame grew toxic-especially for Hunter-C&K’s ultimate destruction was inevitable. Fifteen years after his song played out, Rock God Complex tells Mickey Hunter’s story in his words, revealing the turbulent truth of a man who became a god among guitarists. Tracey Iceton is a novelist and rock historian. Her unique relationship with the elusive Hunter granted her privileged access to the guitarist’s story. Rock God Complex is an extraordinary book.

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