R. S. Thomas: Poems to Elsi


Celebrate the R. S Thomas centenary with this excellent volume that draws together 52 poems (2 previously unpublished) by Thomas to his wife, the distinguished artist Mildred E Eldridge – known as Elsi – from early meditations on their relationship to the elegies following her death.

This revelatory collection dramatises the changing dynamics of a complex and vitally creative relationship. Poems on marriage, cohabitation, birthdays, anniversaries, family and bereavement offer a candid portrait of emotional intimacy, desire, the painful process of ageing, and of loss. Elsi is a complex presence here: to the ‘to’ in the title signifies not only ‘addressed to’ but also ‘about’, ‘with an eye on’, ‘to be overheard by’, and even in one case ‘from’.

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