Prometheus Man


A race-against time thriller for fans of The Bourne Identity, I Am Pilgrim, Gregg Hurwitz and James Swallow. A man with no identity… hunting a man without limits.

CIA Agent Tom Blake has hustled his way onto a major case: tracking a man with enhanced abilities, the test subject of a secret government program. Except the man using Agent Blake’s identity is not Agent Blake. He’s Tom Reese.

Reese stole Agent Blake’s identity to hunt down his brother’s killer. But his time as a CIA agent is accelerating toward its expiration date. Soon the augmented man will come looking for him.

And when he does, both will discover that Tom Reese carries a secret even he doesn’t know about. He is the last test subject of Project Prometheus. ‘Part Robert Ludlum, part Michael Crichton, with a contemporary spin all Scott Reardon’s own’ Christopher Reich, author of Rules of Deception

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