Kisses Sweeter Than Wine by Boyd Clack


Kisses Sweeter Than Wine is an honest and absorbingmemoir from a man who has emerged as one of Wales’smajor cultural figures. Boyd Clack is a man of manytalents: a writer, actor, singer, musician, enthusiast, andwith this first book picks apart a challenging upbringingin Tonyrefail, his wanderings to Australia, Amsterdamand London, and his experimentation as a young manwith drink and drugs and love. This is Boyd’s story, toldwith candour and perception and skill that will absorbanyone interested in what it was to be young and Welsh- and are now older and maybe a little wiser. ‘Boyd is a brilliant actor and writer, truly unique, agenius by any definition of the word.’- Rhys Ifans’I love Boyd’s unique take on life.’- Rob Brydon”Awesome and hilarious… I cannot recommend thismoving, truthful, funny and endearing roller coasterof a ride enough.”- Eve Myles

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