In the Voice of Trees : An Anthology of Tree Lore


With their eyes on the shifting seasons and changing landscapes, 20 poets strike up conversations with the trees of the Ogham tree calendar/alphabet. Sometimes sidelong, sometimes direct, these poems explore our relationship with nature – points of contact, points of collision, points of doubt. These poems find answers to their questions, each encounter with another being in the landscape bringing out surprise, or solace, reflection, or epiphany. Featuring the work of Gail Ashton, Zoe Broom, Stan Galloway, Jean Hall, Nigel Hutchinson, Tim Kiely, Donna Kirstein, Joan McGavin, Sue Moules, Jude O Mahony, Art O Suilleabhain, Janet Olearski, David Olsen, Ness Owen, Vincent Steed, Vivienne Tregenza, Lynn Valentine, Emily Vanderploeg, Laura Wainwright, and Patricia Helen Wooldridge.

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