Bird, Blood, Snow


?No matter how you build them, the world will come crashing against your fences.?
Hoping to give him a better start, Peredur?s mother takes him from the estates in hope he won?t suffer the same fate as his father and brothers, allof whom are dead, jailed or missing.
But the world won?t be held at bay, when local kids cycle into his life he heads after them, accompanied by the notion of finding Arthur ? an absent, imaginary guardian.
Used to making up his own worlds, he?s something of a joke. Until he seriously maims one of the older kids. And that?s when the trouble starts.
The original ?Peredur? fights for recognition in King Arthur?s court, defending maidens, defeating giants, overcoming witches. Cynan Jones turns the tale into a modern Quixotian romp.

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