Threading Memories with Sian Lester

As part of Narberth Museum’s WOWW (Women of West Wales) project, local textile artist Siân Lester is offering a two-day workshop, exploring gathered memorabilia using cloth, stitch andbotanical dyes.

You will choose a significant woman from your life as your focus for creating a unique textile art piece. You will need to bring to the space a piece of cloth such as a small tablecloth or handkerchief, perhaps owned by your woman of choice.

During the workshop we will immerse cloth in dye baths, stitch in and embellish our individual pieces. We will be adding photographic
imagery and memorabilia to thread together an artwork that visually evokes memories that reflect your woman’s personality; in turn celebrating and honour their lives.

Your remarkable female could be a family member or a friend who is living or deceased, who inspires you or has left her mark onyour memory.

We will be thinking about forgotten handiwork and the domesticity of a woman’s life; the folded,the embellished, the worn, the mended and the cared for. We will look at how objects and cloth hold memory and we will gather people and materials together to remember, stitch and share.

You will need to provide photographs or letters to be printed in advance; more detailed information given when you sign up. Other materials will be provided but please bring along your memories, stories, memorabilia and anything you’d like to infuse into your piece.

No skills or experience
necessary, but a love for reminiscing, stitch and cloth would help!

Booking is essential. 10 spaces available.

The workshop will run from 10 – 4 pm on 15th & 16th June, with a break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch.