Inspired by Pembrokeshire: A Talk by Dr. Robert Llewelyn Davies

‘Inspired by Pembrokeshire’ – Artists, Illustrators and Photographers looks at artists who have been inspired to paint in Pembrokeshire from the 1600s to the contemporary artists of Pembrokeshire today.

The artists covered by the talk include Francis Place (an early topographical artist of the mid 1600s), Richard Wilson, J M
W Turner, John Brett, Graham Sutherland, John Piper and John Knapp-Fisher. All of these artists have been inspired to paint Pembrokeshire and capture its wonderful ‘light’.

The contemporary artist of today will include David Tress, Jan Gregson, Gillian McDonald, Naomi Tydenham RI, Rachel Fenner, Caroline McLachlan, Clive Gould, Andrea Kelland RWSW, Chris Neale, Elizabeth Haines, John Houser, Guy Manning and Graham Brace.

Each artist has their own distinctive style and medium, as well as their favourite painting location and interpretation of the ever-changing landscape.

The talk is illustrated throughout with images of locations the artists have painted.

The talk begins at 7.30 on Thursday 26th September, tickets are £5 and refreshments will be available.