Gyotaku: The Art of Japanese Fish Printing

On Wednesday 8th August,  award-winning designer, illustrator and printmaker, Deborah Withey will be running a day workshop on the traditional Japanese art of Gyotaku: Japanese Fish Printing.

The workshop will be a celebration of traditionally-female crafts from across the world, with particular emphasis on the Pembrokeshire Fish Wives who helped shape our heritage and culture. This is one in a series of  workshops from the Women of West Wales (WOWW) project; bringing together women’s heritage, experience and creativity. This is partly subsidised by Arwain Sir Benfro’s LEADER award, but there is a small charge of £20/£15 per person.

Participants have the opportunity to learn the traditional printing method of Gyotaku, (“gyo” meaning fish and “taku” meaning rubbing), which Japanese fishermen used to record their catch in the 1800s. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to create a variety of prints on both dry and wet paper and fabric. Each one with be a “mono print” original, and unique to the fish and to you!

What’s included in the price?

Flat fish (like plaice and sole!) ink, paper and some fabric are included in the fee, but please feel free to bring plain white cotton or poly-cotton pillow cases or pieces of sheeting to print on. Charity shop material can be the best, if you buy new, wash it first. We will print in the traditional Japanese method of “recording the catch” and will be using freshly-caught fish. If you are Vegan, Deborah points out that “the fish we employ were not caught specifically for the workshop, and by printing it we are honouring its unique character and beauty’.

The workshop will run from 10.30-12.30 & 1.30-3.30 , it is suitable for ages 12+ and booking is essential. Call 01834 860 500, email [email protected] or book below: