Stitch a Tree Project

On Wednesday 7th March (10.00-1.00) & Saturday 10th March (10.00-1.00), artists Sian Lester and Carolyn Young will be hosting stitching sessions as part of the nationwide ‘Stitch a Tree Project.’

The aim of the project is to show solidarity with refugees by coming together in a safe and supportive environment. Everyone who drops in will be invited to stitch their own tree using the materials provided,with the process of sewing becoming a ‘powerful tool which acts as a common language across generations, cultures and diverse groups.’

The metaphor of trees and forests ‘provides a way for us to think about safety and shelter’ and each individual piece will be arranged in a large embrodery called ‘Forest’ by artist Alice Kettle. This will be displayed at the Whitworth gallery in Manchester in September 2018 and ‘by coming together to make a large artwork, we are able to actively show our support with those seeking safety and shelter around the world.’

People of all ages and levels of stitching ability are welcome, all materials provided and refreshments will be available from the museum cafe.