#WOWW NOW! An Exhibition of Narberth’s Remarkable Women by Mohamed Hassan

Our #WOWW NOW! exhibition is now officially open! It will be shown until at least October 2022 and is included in the normal admission fee.

The exhibition celebrates the contribution that the remarkable women of Narberth make to their community in a series of photographs by Mohamed Hassan. Mohamed’s work ‘ aims to challenge some of the stereotypes and judgements that people make about other people…(He) want(s) to find a way to equalize each subject and strip away their personal appearance so that the impression that the viewer gets is of a human, an individual, not a stereotype’. Mohamed is a prizewinning artist and examples of his work can be seen on his website mohamedhassanphotography.com

The women featured in the exhibition were nominated by their community and have given their time, energy and passion to serving it. Their legacy will be preserved to ensure that local women’s stories are never again ‘lost’ in time. #WOWW NOW! concludes the successful Women of West Wales project that has, over the past three years, sought to uncover, preserve and share local women’s history. Alongside this, what we have learned has influenced exhibitions, creative or educational workshops, talks and community events that acknowlege the legacies of our fabulous foremothers. Their stories can be explored at woww.narberthmuseum.co.uk

Huge thanks to our patrons and Cronfa Treftadaeth y Loteri Gen / National Lottery Heritage Fund – Cymru . Without your support, we couldn’t keep doing what we do and local women’s stories would (again) be lost in time.