The First World War: Challenging Popular Perceptions- A Talk by David Llewelyn

On Wednesday 21st November at 7.30 pm, David Llewelyn will be giving a talk on The First World War: Challenging Popular Perceptions. This forms part of our season of events to commemorate the centenary of the ending of WWI and offers an insight into the personal perspectives of individuals involved.

‘As a nation and society we view the war through the prism of art, literature, television, film etc. In this talk we look at it through the prism of history instead. The results may surprise.

We follow the progress of the war looking at each year and how it differs from the others. As part of this we look at names of places and events that we may be familiar with like the Somme, Ypres, etc. and put them in context to see how they all relate together, why they happened and what were their consequences.

As it was a World War we also expand considerably on the events in France and Flanders to look at what was happening in other areas such as the Eastern Front, the Balkans, the Middle East and the war at sea. Again we see how they relate together to give us an on overview of the whole conflict.

We look at the reasons for why the casualties were in fact so high and why the war played out the way it did.

At the end we cover some points of note that may give us some new things to consider or even view the conflict in a new light. We consider just what it was all about.’.

Tickets are £5 and refreshments will be available